CATCH (Childhood Autism Team Check) Clinic

Every parent wants to give their child the best. The best environment. The best education. The best chance to succeed. However, when you are concerned that your child may be experiencing developmental delays, it may be a challenge figuring out what’s best. Early testing and evaluation are vital.

CATCH is an evaluation process for children in early intervention who are at risk for autism. The CATCH team was developed to bring the three necessary systems together — education, medical and behavioral health — to facilitate an evaluation for autism that provides a diagnosis (if applicable) and recommendations from all three systems to make it easier for families to access services and understand the diagnosis.

The team, who has been evaluating children since 2007, is comprised of staff from Geisinger Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute, local behavioral agency staff, coordinators from Early Intervention, representatives from the Hazleton Area School District and a team coordinator from the WVCA. This service is designed to address the needs of the increasing numbers of children with autism spectrum disorder.

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2018 CATCH Clinic Team