Early Identification Clinic

2013 Dec 4Every parent wants to give their child the best. The best food. The best education. The best chance to succeed.

However, when you are concerned that your child may be experiencing developmental delays, it may be a challenging figuring out what’s best. Early testing and evaluation are vital steps for any child who might be experiencing developmental delays. Research and experience show that the sooner a diagnosis is made and a plan of treatment is in place, the more likely it is that a child will be able to advance.

The goal of WVCA’s Early Identification Clinic is to assess developmental delays and recommend the next best step in their care. At the clinic, an experienced, developmental medical professional will evaluate your child (birth through 5 years). Following the evaluation, appropriate treatment options will be explained and discussed. Parents and caregivers are urged to take an active role in pursuing the best options for their child.

To ensure that no child is turned away, the clinic operates on a sliding fee scale based on a family’s income or ability to pay. This clinic is held monthly at WVCA’s campus.

Please call 570.714.1246 for more information or email info@wvcakids.org