Our History

Wyoming Valley Children’s Association began in 1923 when members of the Rotary Club of Wilkes-Barre expressed a desire to help handicapped children.  By 1924, the Association was officially organized as Wyoming Valley Crippled Children’s Association and orthopedic clinics were being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Harry A. Smith, assisted by Dr. J. Torrence Rugh, Dr. Louis W. Jones and other consultants.

In addition to serving on the Agency Board of Directors, Rotarians volunteered their time and resources to transport children from all areas of Luzerne County so the children could be treated at the clinics.  And today, area Rotary Clubs continued to hold special events for the children, fundraisers, and personally donate to help sustain the agency.

Although polio and tuberculosis were brought under control, the demand for service did not lessen because of other types of handicaps and needs were referred.  This adaptation to the needs of special children has resulted in the environment of WVCA today.

A Nursery School Program started in 1952, Speech Pathology services began in 1954, and in 1974 Early Intervention services became the top priority.  Occupational therapy was re-established in 1974 with special emphasis on sensory integration, therapeutic feeding, and adaptive seating.  1985 brought the name change to what it is today: Wyoming Valley Children’s Association.

Current programs include: Together We Grow Preschool, Early Identification and CATCH Clinics, Early Intervention Under 3 Program, and contracted therapeutic services for speech, occupational and physical therapies.


WVCA is dedicated to nurturing the development potential of all children. Our staff continually educate and familiarize themselves with the latest educational strategies and therapy techniques. WVCA serves typically developed children, as well as children with the following diagnoses and conditions:

              Autism Spectrum Disorders                 Premature Birth

              Sensory Integration Disorders             Multiple Sclerosis

             Developmental Delays                         Gross Motor Delay

             Speech/Language Delays                    Muscular Dystrophy

             Intellectual Disabilities                          Arthritis

             Cerebral Palsy                                      Visual Impairment

             Seizure Disorder                                   Stroke

             Down Syndrome                                   Spina Bifida

             and more…


Together We Grow Preschool, offers Preschool Education to all children ages 3, 4, & 5.  Wyoming Valley Children’s Association is located at 1133 Wyoming Ave, Forty Fort, PA 18704.

If you have a question about our history or our services, please call our office at 570.714.1246 and speak to our staff today.