Meet the Wang Family

WVCA is excited to announce Andrew as our 2022-2023 Student Spotlight!

“Our son Andrew was six months old when he was diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome, a rare congenital disorder which includes multiple medical conditions. For Andrew, he experiences several disabilities including seizure disorders and hearing loss. Although he has been receiving extensive medical and therapeutic support, we became very concerned about his education in addition to his therapy. As first-generation immigrants, we had no idea if he could still receive a quality education as a kid with special needs. Fortunately, we found WVCA!”

Ken and Hellen Wang, Current WVCA Parents

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Andrew started Preschool at WVCA and is now in their Kindergarten. We see WVCA as a truly loving school that spares no efforts in providing the highest quality of education, therapy and all necessary services to promote the development of ALL children.

Based on Andrew’s experience, we would like to share a few of the highlights that propelled his progress:

Communication: Andrew’s teachers and therapists communicate constantly through daily activity reports, therapeutic reports, teacher-parent meetings, sharing class activity pictures, videos, and phone conversations.

Patience: Andrew’s entire team provides him with great patience towards his uniqueness! Each time Andrew is not acting “like himself”, his teachers thoroughly explain their observations to us and try in different ways to help him. His teachers are always by his side, working with him, encouraging him, and cheering happily after he overcomes obstacles.

Planning: WVCA places great emphasis on students’ future growth. When Andrew was the age to enter Kindergarten, despite his wonderful progress in Preschool, we still wondered if he was ready for Kindergarten. His team of teachers advocated for Andrew going to Kindergarten as they believed that at a new and higher stage, Andrew would continue to push to do his best. His team of therapists, faculty members and Miss Nina worked closely with us to find the best plan for his Kindergarten. Now, Andrew is happy and thriving in Kindergarten!

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