We believe that every child can succeed with the right tools, as a result, WVCA offers a wide range of therapeutic support to our students.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy at WVCA focuses on feeding, sensory motor skills (body movement), sensory processing (the use of touch, movement, sight, sound, smell, and the force of gravity and body position to function), fine motor manipulation (how to hold and use a pencil and scissors or how to perform dressing skills such as buttoning), perceptual skills (eye-hand coordination), seating and special equipment (splints, adaptive spoons, etc.) needs. Oral motor/feeding assessments are also provided.

The goal of our team of Occupational Therapists, who are licensed by the National Board For Certification in Occupational Therapy, is to aid the development of the aforementioned skills so that the child can be as independent as possible in all aspects of daily living.

Physical Therapy

Wyoming Valley Children's Association's Physical Therapists, licensed by the State of Pennsylvania, evaluate gross motor skills including muscle strength, rolling, sitting, standing, walking, transitions, balance, and coordination. Treatment strategies include, but are not limited to, neurodevelopmental techniques, range of motion exercises, stretching, gait training, strengthening, transfer training, balance/coordination activities, motor planning, and gross motor activities.

Positioning is also a key component of Physical Therapy at WVCA. Recommendations for appropriate positioning equipment such as strollers, wheelchairs, chair inserts, and other equipment are made to the family in order to ensure that the child is positioned properly to prevent contractures and optimize function.

Speech/Hearing Therapy

Wyoming Valley Children's Association's Speech and Language Pathologists, who are licensed by the State of Pennsylvania, provide evaluations, speech therapy, and hearing services. Therapy approaches are individually designed for the child's needs and developmental level. Therapy may include floor play, tabletop activities or a combination of both. Sessions are often one on one (child and therapist). Small group therapy is also offered in order to work on the development of social communication. 

Evaluation of communication skills may include assessment in any of the following areas:

  • preverbal communication
  • receptive language/comprehension
  • expressive language
  • articulation/pronunciation of words
  • oral motor/feeding
  • respiration
  • fluency/stuttering

Computers and other devices may be utilized in therapy sessions. Augmentative Communication Devices are used with nonverbal children or children who have limited verbal abilities in order to afford the child the opportunity to communicate independently. 

Our therapists provide home-based care to children birth to 3 years old through the Early Intervention Program of Luzerne-Wyoming Counties. Please visit the Early Intervention Services page for more information. For more information about therapy at WVCA, please call us at 570-714-1246 or email us at