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“My daughter, Ellie, started in the sprouts program at Wyoming Valley Children’s Association in March 2020 when she was 1 1/2 years old. She was completely nonverbal at that time. Having two older children who were early talkers, this was completely new to us. We had no idea what we should be doing for her, or even if it should be a concern. Speaking with Silver when touring the school, she started me on the correct path for helping her. We started with a referral to early intervention. Soon she started working with her speech therapist, Nel. Nel was invaluable to our family. She first helped Ellie with learning sign language. This led to Ellie’s first communication with those around her. She rejoiced with us when Ellie began to speak her first words. Nel’s experience and support helped us effectively communicate with Ellie’s medical providers. Our family is so happy with the progress Ellie has made while at WVCA and grateful for her teachers and therapist.” Beth B., Current WVCA Parent